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Apprenticeship Terminology

APPRENTICE: A person who is engaged in learning a trade through employment and is covered by a written agreement with a Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee. The written agreement is registered with the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, U.S. Department of Labor.
APPRENTICESHIP: An agreement between an apprentice and a sponsor where an apprentice provides labor at a reduced cost in exchange for training by the sponsor.

APPRENTICESHIP AGREEMENT: An individually written agreement between an employer and an apprentice; or a written agreement between an employer, or an association of employers, and an organization of employees describing conditions of employment for apprentices; or a written statement describing conditions of employment for apprentices in a plant where there is no bona fide employee organization.

APPRENTICESHIP COMMITTEE: Those persons designated by the sponsor to act for it in the administration of the apprenticeship program.

APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM: A plan containing all terms and conditions for the qualification, recruitment, selection, employment and training of apprentices, including such matters as the requirement for a written apprenticeship agreement.

BUREAU OF APPRENTICESHIP AND TRAINING (BAT): Authorized by the National Apprenticeship Act of 1937, the U. S. Department of Labor's apprenticeship agency oversees federal apprenticeship programs to comply with federal standards. The Alaska office's primary functions are to approve and register apprenticeship and training agreements, issue Certificates of Completion to apprentices, encourage the development of new programs, provide technical assistance, and assure that all programs provide high quality training to their apprentices. Persons or organizations desiring to institute an apprenticeship training program must first propose their committee and standards to conform to apprenticeship laws and regulations for consideration of approval by the Bureau. This office maintains all records of apprenticeship and training agreements and of apprenticeship and training standards.

COOPERATING SCHOOL: A provider of related instruction. Some, but not all, committees work with a cooperating school(s) to provide related instruction.

COORDINATOR/DIRECTOR: A person working on the apprenticeship committee’s behalf to assure meaningful learning is taking place. Usually a coordinator/director serves as a liaison between management, labor, cooperating school, lawmakers, apprentices, and the general public.

EMPLOYER: Any person or organization employing an apprentice whether or not such person or organization is a party to an apprenticeship agreement with the apprentice.

JOINT APPRENTICESHIP AND TRAINING COMMITTEE (JATC): The committee is made up of equal representation of both employers and of employees and represented by a bona fide collective bargaining agent(s). It has been established to conduct, operate, or administer an apprenticeship program and enter into apprenticeship agreements with apprentices within the state and federal guidelines. It is responsible for assuring meaningful training experiences throughout the indenturement.

NON-JOINT APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM (NJAP): A program sponsor in which a bona fide collective bargaining agent is not a participant.

ON-THE-JOB (OJT) PROGRAM: Custom designed programs to meet the needs of an individual employer. These training programs may be set up in the same manner as apprenticeship programs.

REGISTRATION: The terms of an apprenticeship agreement addressing issues such as skills learned and performed, rates of compensation and advancement, length of program, disciplinary action, appeals procedure, etc. All apprenticeship programs are registered with the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.

SPONSOR: Any firm, association, committee, or organization operating an apprenticeship and training program through an employer and employee relationship and in whose name the program is or is to be registered.

STANDARDS: A written agreement setting forth a plan containing all terms and conditions for the qualification, recruitment, selection, employment, and training of apprentices.

TRAINING TRUST FUND: The trust collects payroll deductions, manages the assets and distributes these funds to training centers and the JATCs. The board is made up of equal representation of labor and signatory contractors.

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